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p r o p u l s i o n  s y s t e m  c a p a b i l i t y


Moog’s New Space operation allow us to deploy a variety of integrated propulsion systems that are tailored to the end user’s specific mission needs. Moog has extensive legacy experience in the design, fabrication, and testing of propulsion systems with varying propellant types, sizes, and thrust levels. Our New Space operation tightly integrates our development and manufacturing to provide increased customization and reduced overall delivery cycle times.

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    Gravity Probe B Propulsion System
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    Miniature Cold Gas Thruster
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    Galileo Propulsion System


The following assumptions have been made to benchmark and compare Moog’s available options for an assumed smallsat mission:

- 12U bus   (12,000 cm3)

- 4 ACS thrusters

- Similar system component count

- Final solution tailorable to customer needs


12U Refrigerant System Example

12u_with_buttonsTankControl ValveFill and Drain Valve
12u_1_withbuttonsThrusters (Quantity, orientation and thrust is tailorable)Thrusters (Quantity, orientation and thrust is tailorable)